WOW! Annuals at Blue River Nursery This Year!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This year will be offering some bedding plants, aka annuals, to our guests at the nursery. For many years we have abstained from growing annuals and have opted to be perennial purists if you will. After visiting an outstanding garden one of our friends planted combining specialty conifers, perennials, flowering shrubs, and annuals of all things we have decided to venture into this unknown realm in our quest for beauty.

The thing that really got me was the screaming vibrant colors at the end of September when all the perennials are done except the Anemones and Mums, I felt as though I discovered a missing piece to the design puzzle. Imagine that, annuals, the missing piece to the puzzle. They are on every street corner and I have overlooked them for years. As stated over and over gardening to me is a journey or quest for learning how all the pieces go together in the garden design puzzle.

We will be offering Salvias blue and red, Lobelias in blue, Petunias in many colors, a highly regarded form of Euphorbia we are excited to grow and many other plants. We will be uploading pictures of these plants as are able to source them or take them ourselves on the Annual page in the plant catalog. Stay tuned!

The other thing we are excited about is ceramic pottery in the nursery. We are putting an emphasis on high quality pottery at a good price. We are looking for pottery with intense vibrant colors and interesting shapes that are functional and durable in a garden setting. What good is a poorly crafted 500.00 piece of pottery that sits on a dinky base and may blow over in medium to high winds? I do not know about your yard but our yard is windy! If done thoughtfully, I believe pottery is a missing piece of the design puzzle as well. Blue pottery is blue all year long, just because it is not a plant does not mean it is not a color in the garden. Just an idea you can contrast the blue pot with yellow foliage for all season color.

I will be speaking at the Master Gardener seminar at the Memorial Coliseum this week on Saturday at 6:00 on Distinctive Garden Plants. I hope to see you there.

We couldn't be happier with the landscaping they designed and installed!

» Kevin from Warsaw