New Offerings!

Saturday, June 26, 2021

While the summer has certainly taken off in quite the rush we are still trying to expand our horizons and meet YOUR landscape needs! In early June we received a gargantuan shipment of new perennials and shrubs that we are immensely excited about offering to the public in the near future. Some of you may have noticed that we have recently changed our nursery hours to only being open three days a week versus seven, with the acceptation of private appointments, why did we do this? Over the years we have gradually taken on new ventures and increased the amount of landscaping jobs, tree plantings, and deliveries that we do on a weekly basis. In order to meet our clients needs and work everyone into our schedule it was paramount that we throw all hands on deck to complete jobs! While landscape designs and plantings are our main endeavor here at the nursery we are excited to start offering more services that might aid you in maintaining the perfect curb appeal that your heart is looking for. If you already have your landscape full and designed how you want it but the mulch is dull and you want fresh… we got you! If your landscape is overgrown and messy and you want it cleaned up… we got you! We are also starting to offer brush and tree removal, using our forestry chipper. Additionally, we can install drainage for any area of your yard that always is collecting water and killing your grass. One venture we are most excited about is HARDSCAPING! Over the past couple years we have been trying our hand at hardscape designs and would love to draw up and carry out a plan for your back yard oasis! All of these services are available for you, just give us a call or visit and we would love to chat and get you on our schedule!


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