Our Products

Cover Almost 12 Acres

Blue River Nursery covers about 10-12 acres. We have seven greenhouses filled with a huge variety of flowers, vines, grasses, hostas, bushes, conifers, and deciduous trees. The grounds outside the greenhouses utilize a pot-in-pot irrigation system, and greenhouse temperatures and irrigation schedules are controlled by state of the art computer systems. We offer garden art made by local artisans, and a selection of outdoor products and professional quality gardening supplies.

  • Trees

    Trees are the dominant features in most landscapes. They should be selected carefully and planted where
    they can live happily forever!

  • Evergreens

    Evergreens are plants that retain their foliage during the cold winter months of the year, in many cases they produce cones. These plants add structure to the landscape and interest to the garden 4 seasons of the year.

  • Shrubs and Bushes

    Shrubbery is so much more than your Grandma’s old-fashioned hedges!  Selections offer many textures, colors, kinds of foliage, plant shapes and sizes.

  • Flowers

    Flowers add beauty to any site.  Whether you like pastels or bright colors, simple meadow styles or exotic specimens, blooms bring a sense of cheer and fresh life to your surroundings.

  • Grasses, Vines and More

    Who says a good plant must be a climbable shade tree, or look like a Christmas card photo, or grow in a hedge, or smell like a florist shop?  Many plants don’t fit in those categories.

  • Accessories

    Use the best tool for the job!  Choosing the proper tool may mean the difference between “doing it right” and “not getting it done”. Art is available to anyone with the imagination to see beauty in both the unusual and the mundane. Ceramic pottery allows you to expand your garden in useful and attractive ways.

  • We couldn't be happier with the landscaping they designed and installed!

    » Kevin from Warsaw