Tools, Art, and Pottery

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Tools:  Tricks of the Trade

Use the best tool for the job!  Choosing the proper tool may mean the difference between “doing it right” and “not getting it done”.

When we work at the nursery or on a landscaping project, we use professional grade materials for the best, cleanest, most efficient results.  Don’t your projects deserve the same?   A professional tree clamping system allows your new tree to grow a strong, healthy root system while maintaining an upright habit.  Strong shovels, trowels, cultivators, and rakes let  you move soil easily, and maintain long-lasting quality.  Sharp hand pruners, shears, and loppers provide a fast clean cut, easier for the gardener and less damaging to the plant.   We’ve all experienced the travails of dragging a leaky hose around: investing in a good rubber hose and high-quality nozzles, sprayers, and shut-off valves allows you to care for your plantings with ease.

Art:  Personality, Taste, and Style

Art is available to anyone with the imagination to see beauty in both the unusual and the mundane.

Visit any city’s art museum and you’ll experience a vast spectrum of cultures.  What you see may be a reflection of artists’ styles, museum directors’ selections, patron preferences, and your personal taste.  Why should your gardens be different?  What goes in them is influenced by site conditions, plants and art available to you, and what pleases you.  Formal, casual, whimsical, bold, lovely, “so-ugly-it’s-cute”, vividly colorful, avant-garde……….. art offers endless opportunities to make your environment special and unique.

Pottery:  Function, Form, and Beauty

Ceramic pottery allows you to expand your garden in useful and attractive ways.

Bring your plants to you!  By placing pottery strategically, you may enjoy flowers or Bonsai plantings from the comfort of your porch or deck.  They’ll add informal elegance to your barbecues and social occasions.  The colors and gloss of ceramics placed within a garden adds new dimensions to your landscape architecture.  Experiment with Japanese maples, weeping pines, or prostrate spruces offset with complementing colors from your favorite perennial flowers.  Permanent yet changeable, pottery opens up artistic opportunities!

We couldn't be happier with the landscaping they designed and installed!

» Kevin from Warsaw