Gardens evolve

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Blog ‘Gardens Evolve’


      Unlike other forms of design in life that are static landscape design is alive and growing. As a result, keeping ones mind open to occasional tweaking, adjusting and tinkering are key to being successful and continually happy in one’s garden.

      Many folks I talk to want a design and do not want to touch anything ever again once everything has been planted. To a degree we can achieve this. There is a balance between the “now plants” that fill in the gaps of “forever plants” that are at the moment to small to have the presence needed to complete the design. This is where the concept of evolution comes into play.

      Back in the day as they say, I was the principle shovel master on the premises. I would plant things only to be back digging the same plant up 3-4 years later and moving it somewhere else to appease my Father’s gardening whims. One day I asked him “Why don’t you plant it where it is going to be forever?” His response was “Gardens evolve.”

      I have pondered this concept over and over ever since that day. 3-4 years is a bit too often. I try and string things out to 10-15 years. However the concept is the same. Try looking at your garden in this way and maybe it will be more enjoyable when it needs the occasional tune up.    

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