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We are far from your “typical” plant place or garden center. People tell us a visit to Blue River Nursery is the next best thing to visiting a botanical garden. Whether you are landscaping your home or are a serious plant collector, we think you’ll really enjoy visiting our nursery and our on line store. We are a local grower of a large variety of trees, flowering shrubs, vines, dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, and perennial flowers. Many of our plants are unusual and difficult to find. Additionally, we ship plants all over the entire country, except California, through our on line store.

Weeping Fir and Cone Flowers
Abies alba ‘Pendula’ and Echinacea ‘Red Star’

Blue River Nursery is a family owned business with 3 generations of nursery men on our staff. Our nursery was started in December 1987 by Steve Locker with his son Shawn. Today Shawn manages the nursery, draws landscape designs, and oversees landscape and hardscape projects. John Lorenz, Shawn’s father-in-law, manages the nursery’s daily operations, consults on landscape projects, and produces landscape designs. Shawn’s son (and John’s grandson) Georg is our 3rd generation nurseryman. He’s been assisting us since 2009 when he was about a year old. Georg helps out after school, on weekends, and during the summer. He enjoys planting in the garden, playing in his sand pile, and helping our guests find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our staff designs and plants complete landscapes, including hardscapes such as patios with sitting walls, sidewalks and retaining walls. We are also enthusiastic about helping folks create their own small charming gardens. Let us know about your project and how we may serve you best. If you want to design and install your own landscape and gardens and you need a cool place to purchase your plants, we are the place you’ve been looking for!

We are located near Columbia City in Northeast Indiana, 3 miles north of U.S. 30, between Fort Wayne, Indiana and Warsaw, Indiana. We are easily accessible from Auburn, Huntington, New Haven, and Angola, Indiana as well. We have had the pleasure of being able to host visitors from all over the country.

People have often referred to us as a destination nursery, which we’ve accepted as a huge compliment. Recently someone called us a giant fairy garden which we thought was a good description.

Over the years in our calls on many garden centers and nurseries, we’ve taken bits and pieces from those places and created the nursery we’ve always wanted to visit. You always have an open invitation to come out to visit us and see what we are up to!

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