Fall Planting Continued

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

John and I were out in the garden today scoping out “the frontier” or “flood gardens” as we call them. We are planning at least 2 more large gardens. We are going to plant about a dozen Dogwoods, the same amount of Japanese Maples. I am going to throw a Stewartia rostrata in there that may not even be hardy here. No guts no glory! We have a Franklinia alatimaha that I do not even think is hardy here growing out there, glory!Its cool to plant things that are not hardy. Sometimes you will be surprised at what will make it. Five hundred feet away from the Franklinia in the pampered gardens by our huge Willow tree a Microbiota decusata, which is hardy to zone 2 or 1, died a few years back. You just never can tell in the garden. This is the mystical part I referred to in the last blog.

We are irked, irritated and miffed by that column in the local paper that said do not plant after September 30, if you can not tell. Its too bad so many people read that column. It was terrible info. I hate to think how many trees did not get planted over that one. I am not sure what my audience is on this blog. I know it is nothing compared to that paper, at least not at this point. Half the newspapers are going to go out of business this year according to some source I can not remember off hand. If I am incorrect correct me on the comments section. The internet is killing them from what I hear. Maybe I will gain some readers. This should save some trees. This is good!

A friend of mine Chris Tomlinson started a internet paper awhile back. His paper is called the Busco Voice and is based in Churubusco, Indiana. Check it out. Last time I checked he put all the highlights of the local football teams Friday night games on there. I do not care much for football. However, I enjoyed watching them on his internet paper for some reason.

If the print papers are to survive I imagine this is the format they will take. I think the Wall street Journal has done this.

Considering the green movement that is supposedly happening right now you would think planting a tree would be a cool thing to do. I was at a cool clients house the other day planting a tree. Believe it or not some clients are uncool, like the guy who threw one of our cats on the ground. I do not recommend this by the way. Anyway, recycling came up with the cool client. They said all the young people around their house do not recycle. What’s up with that? Yes, it takes a bit of effort. However what kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of world do you want your kids and grandkids to live in? Do you even care? I have asked people this question before and believe it or not some people say they do not care. This logic or lack of floors me.

If you are into supporting green businesses come out and buy a plant or two. We also do design. Need a design call 260-414-6213. I will draw you up a one of a kind design that you will not see anywhere else. I have been doing it for years. I have not drawn the same design twice ever.

On a very positive note the fall color has been amazing this year. The Japanese Maples have colored up like never before. We will be posting these photos in the plant catalog over the winter. If you look at the plant catalog, keep clicking on the photos and it will show you more photos of the same plant under the listing more views.

Some of the plants are very dynamic around here. ‘Brookside’ Geranium which blooms in the summer also does this awesome fall display with red stems and orange foliage that no one talks about or generally photographs. These are the type of things you will see in the plant catalog if you check it out. Not all the plants have it. However a lot do and there will be more on the way as time goes on. Although, I think I need to get a tripod to take my photography to the next level. I have a bad case of shaky hands.


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