Striking Flowering Shrubs on a Budget

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming to the nursery can be an overwhelming and eye opening experience, especially to those that have never experienced the number of exquisite and unique plants the nursery has to offer. There are so many plants that catch your eye you can’t have them all. We have good news though, there is a way to have more plants you want, while still keeping within the budget!

Many of the shrubs throughout the nursery that are in 3 gallon pots can also be found in 1gallon pots. The shrubs that are so eye catching in 3 gallon pots, are just as gorgeous in a 1 gallon pot. This not only gives you the opportunity to buy more of the plants you couldn’t go home without, but also allows you and your neighborhood to watch the shrub develop into a large, attractive focal point in your yard.

The shrub options range from False Spirea, to Weigela, to Ninebark, and even Hydrangeas. Being in a small pot does not stop these shrubs from blooming profusely just like their older look alikes. The Hydrangeas, Leptodermis, Smokebush, and Butterfly Bushes (white, pink, and purple) are currently blooming and ready to add color to your yard. While others like the False Spirea and Rose of Sharon are still waiting for their time to bloom later this season.

These shrubs are currently priced at $19.99, but if they aren’t planted in your yard they are going to be transplanted into a larger pot for next growing season. Now is the time to jump on the opportunity to buy more of the plants you like at a cheaper price, so your yard can be full of beautiful shrubs and your wallet can still be full.

We couldn't be happier with the landscaping they designed and installed!

» Kevin from Warsaw